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Home > Rome > 3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
USD $540.64

3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri

Rome, Italy

Explore Italy’s scandalously beautiful Campania region on a 3-day southern Italy tour from Rome, with 4-star hotel accommodation in Sorrento included! After visiting the big, bold and brash city of Naples, explore the UNESCO-listed ruins of ancient Pompeii and then hit the Amalfi Coast. Cruise to Capri to see its fabled Blue Grotto, and then spend your final morning at leisure -- soaking up the sun in Sorrento!

Day 1: Rome – Sorrento (L, D)
Leave central Rome in the morning, and travel by coach toward sunny Naples – your first destination! Arrive in Naples by late morning, and set off to explore on a leisurely paced walking tour. Centered around its historical center, your tour takes in top Naples attractions like Piazza del Plebiscito – home to the Royal Palace of Naples (Palazzo Reale) -- and Galleria Umbero I, with its eye-catching glass-roofed arcade.

Travel inland to Pompeii, and after lunch in town, visit its UNESCO-listed archeological site with your guide. Hear how Pompeii lay buried under volcanic ash for centuries following Mount Vesuvius’ 79 BC eruption, and marvel at the incredible Roman ruins that abound.

Return to your coach and travel to the Amalfi Coast, where you'll check in to your Sorrento hotel in time for dinner.

Overnight: 4-star Hotel in Sorrento

Day 2: Capri (B, L, D)

Enjoy breakfast, and then travel from Sorrento port to the ssland of Capri by hydrofoil boat. Hop aboard a rowing boat at Capri’s Marina Grande harbor, and relax as your guide rows you around the the island to see the magical Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra). This intriguing cave is said to have sunk dramatically since prehistoric times, blocking out most of its entrances. Light entering from an underwater cavity combines with the trickle of light from its only entranceway, giving the water its vivid blue effect; prepare to be dazzled!

Return to Marina Grande and travel by minibus to the shabby chic village of Anacapri, perched high above its glamorous Capri Town neighbor. Explore at leisure, admiring its romantic wisteria-draped villas with sun-bleached stucco, and gaze down over the beautiful Bay of Naples.

Head back down the hill and visit one of Capri Town’s traditional trattorias, enjoying a lunch as delicious as the Mediterranean views. Walk it off on a stroll, passing through Capri’s swanky Piazetta (Piazza Umberto) – Capri’s place to see and be seen! Board another hydrofoil boat in the late afternoon and return to Sorrento in time for dinner.

Note: Your Blue Grotto trip is subject to good weather conditions. In the event of storms or heavy rain, your tour visits Faraglioni (a rocky inlet) instead.

Overnight: 4-star Hotel in Sorrento

Day 3: Sorrento – Rome (B)
After breakfast, spend your morning in Sorrento at leisure. If you’ve not had much time to discover its charm, then here’s your chance! Perhaps take a stroll along Corso Italia and climb the steps to see atmospheric Piazza Tasso, tucked away in the heart of Sorrento Old Town. Soak up views of the sun-soaked cliffs, where Sorrento’s houses almost seem to be stacked on top of each other, and then shop for any last-minute souvenirs of the utterly gorgeous Amalfi Coast.

Meet your guide at the pre-arranged time, and then return to Rome by coach. Your tour finishes at your central Rome hotel.

USD $540.64
Traveler Reviews
Review by:   jerry,    October 2012 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
You spend a lot of time while the tour company coordinates travel for multiple tours. For example on last day you leave at 3:15 travel to Pompeii to meet a group that has toured there, then to Naples to pick up anoter group that has toured Capri. You finally get back to Rome about 9:30 that night. There are good parts. The Pompeii trour is great and the accomodations in Sorrento are excellent.

Review by:   Wendy A C,    October 2012 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
The location etc was fantastic.Tour guide was rude, however, even told a man he was stupid after his wallet was stolen. Hotel and guides at locations were good, particularly at Capri. Would have been better to miss Naples, as the visit was very short and did not show anything. A smaller group with only one language would have made it much better, everything was said and done in at least 2 languages, making it time consuming and after a while monotonous. Hotel drop offs were in the general area, not to the door. As it was night this was concerning as a solo female traveller.

Review by:   DORA D,    September 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Fabiano and the Pompeii tour was wonderful. Our hotel in Sorrento was very nice and the town itself very pleasant. The only reason I rate it 4 is that the Capri and Grotto tour was really a wasted day as we were first taken to a gift shop before catching the ferry to Capri and didn't arrive there till 11:30. We spent over an hour waiting at the Grotto before we were able to enter, and for a 2 minute spin around inside, it was not worth the wait! Then we barely had an hour in Anacapri to shop and less than half an hour in Capri itself. Day would have been better spent eliminating the gift shop and the Blue Grotto.

Review by:   caz,    September 2012 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
The only good thing to say about this trip was it was a very good hotel we stayed in: The Minervera. The organisation of the travelling was disgraceful, we were not picked up at the start of the trip as stated after getting up and waiting outside hotel from 6.20am we had to jump in a taxi in the end and when we caught up with the coach a lady from the head office "screamed and screamed at us in front of the other passengers as if it was OUR fault! We wewre then herded around at the convience of the tour guides getting other peaple to thier destintions (a bus load of passengers walked through a town on Capri, to deliver TWO passengers to thier hotel, and the rest of us were told we had 15mins to get back on the bus, this being the amount of time it took to walk back!!) Then we would spend time waiting around for a bus! on the Capri day we were picked up at 9.20am and dropped back at 5.15pm and we spend 30mins on ferry x2 ,1 hour on island boat trip and 1 hour for lunch (which was very bad) so three hours in all the rest of the time (5 hours) was spent trailing aroundafter the guide whilst they A) kept us captive on a forced furniture shop viewing, trying to get us to buy!! B) taking other trip passengers to thier hotels (not even on ourtrip!) and C) waiting in que's for bus's . I defo would not reccommend this tour company to any one!!

Review by:   Thong H,    September 2012 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
The hotel was very nice but they did not mention that there was no tour on the third day, you are on your own. If you want to see the town you have to pay extra. The local tour guide was aloof.

Review by:   Ludmila S,    September 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Our trip was well organized and interesting. Tours in Pompeii and Capri with Franchesca, Fabiano, Ornella, and Lavinia were wonderful. Hotel in Sorrento was a great surprise with a sea-view room. We spent the most relaxing evenings in the room’s terrace watching sunsets.

Review by:   Mardelle S,    September 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
I thought the guides, the hotel and the food made the trip quite enjoyable and the price turned out to be quite reasonable for everything that came with it.

Review by:   Kathryn M,    September 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This trip was just perfect! The right amount of time to spend in both Naples and Pompeii, and the hotel in Sorrento was lovely. Dinner both nights was amazing, and also a nice breakfast buffet. I had a view of the bay outside my hotel window. The day trip to Capri with Sascha was very pleasant, and we got to see the Blue Grotto. You should definitely go on the chairlift to the top of the island, also - the view is breathtaking. I took the bus to Positano on the 3rd day, and it was so beautiful, the color of the water was unbelievable. It was raining off and on during the whole trip, but that helped to cool down the temperature and humidity so it was pleasant, and when the bus left Sorrento we could look out over the bay and there was a full rainbow stretching from Naples to Capri. It was amazing!_br/_ (I would not advise trying to go to more than one town on the Amalfi Coast that 3rd day, though, because you might be waiting for the public buses for a while and might not get back to Sorrento in time for the tour bus back to Rome.)_br/_ I would definitely recommend taking this trip!

Review by:   Eduardo A,    September 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Absolutely wonderful. I loved every moment and the anticipation of it all. The service was great, the bus was a bit beaten up but ok overall. I absolutely loved Sorrento and Capri. The Guide for capri, Sasha was the best, great humor, lots of patience and very knowledgable. Try to request him!. Capri was belong words...Try and take the teleferico to the to of the island and you will get some incredible photos. BTW the trip is log so try and get comfortable as the roads are very much curvy and full of turns. I wish there was a 4 day tour of Sorrento and Capri only as they have so many things to see. Pompeii was great but you can skip it as Napoli was a bit too unclean for my taste. What made the best part of Capri was the visit to the Blue Croto..a great experience. I would recommend this trip to anyone!.

Review by:   Virginia P,    September 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Great Tour. Beautiful hotel in Sorrento. Recommended

Review by:   Hugh M,    September 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Had a great time on this Tour. The view from the Hotel restaurant was superb.

Review by:   marina r,    September 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
My son and I enjoyed our trip to Sorrento very much. The hotel was luxurious and our room had stunning ocean views. We suggest September for more comfortable weather for sightseeing in Pompeii and Capri. It was quite hot in early Aug. Well organised and nice tour guides. Thanks for the wonderful experience, hope to do it again one day.

Review by:   Kathryn W,    August 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We had a fantastic time - the tour operators were superb in every way and we were continually updated about what was happening at all times. The accommodation was a wonderful surprise and surpassed all of our expectations. I will definitely be booking another tour through Viator.

Review by:   Wayne S,    August 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Excellent tour guides. Great hotels and super sightseeing. Highly recomended trip.

Review by:   Louise G,    August 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Very enjoyable and really well organized - hotel was terrific, guides knowledgable and friendly

Review by:   Lori W,    July 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This is a must do for anyone who wants a worrry free, perfect excursion to Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri. Our guides, Miriam, Ornella and Vittorio could not have been better. They went out of their way to explain everything about the plans, the history,the food. The hotel we stayed at exceeded all expectations and the food that was included with the tour was just exceptional, This is a real travel value. Thank you for the experience of a lifetme!

Review by:   Brent H,    July 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Totally worth the Money, but I do have some thoughts. I could have done without Naples, and Pompeii could have been a bit shorter, but Sorrento and Capri were INCREDIBLE! The hotel we stayed at in Sorrento was beyond any expectation, and was worth the whole trip to be there for 2 nights! I don't think you could do the trip on your own for any cheaper, and it saves the hassle of worrying food and transport. I would certainly recommend this trip, however my only reason for not giving it 5 stars is because of the time "wasted" in Naples, and for the many transfers of buses and tour guides, as they were doing many different tours at once, but I think all in all it was worth it. My recommendation to the company would be to skip Naples and do Amalfi instead. They had an Amalfi additional option that I wish we would have taken, but it was too much money, and I think it should be part of the tour. We did Amalfi on our own in the free time on the last day, but we needed a guide, as we wasted a lot of time getting there and back not knowing what we were doing. The hotel did not give us good advice either. The tour company should have been willing to give advice for our free time on the last day. All in all it was a great way to spend three days, especially to see one of the most beautiful spots in Italy!

Review by:   Jenn.F,    July 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This three day tour is a must! The visit to Naples is quick. However, our tour guide, Fabiano, made sure to show us all the must-see spots close to the port. Definitely made us want to book a return trip to Italy to see more of the city! Pompei was unbelievable! Fabiano was extremely knowledgable and made the 2 hour tour quite entertaining. The time spent in Sorrento was fantastic! We stayed in a beautiful hotel, ate scrumptious meals, and most of all just enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the costal city. There is ample free time in the evenings for exploration and shopping. We were lucky enough to visit the Blue Grotto on our visit to the island of Capri which definitely made my trip! The time spent in the boats was a lovely oppurtunity to bask in the sun! I strongly suggest taking the chair lift up to the top of Capri dung free time after lunch. The views are spectacular and it is a great oppurtunity for pictures. The free time on the third day allows you the option to explore the coast as you wish. We had been hoping to make it to Amalfi. However, we did not get up early enough! Instead, we spent the day by the water. It was a perfect way to end an amazing three days. This tour is a must! In my case, it was a great vacation from my vacation in Rome but it was a spectacular taste of the southern cost of Italy! Well worth it!!!

Review by:   michael d,    July 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
very nice trip, hotel in Sorrento was 1st class. Meals very good also Guides very good. No pick up at hotel, location not that central

Review by:   Daren W,    July 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Fantastic trip, highly recommend it. Guides were great

Review by:   Jenny,    July 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
There were alot of people on this tour and Pompeii was very crowded, however still worth while. Sorrento hotel the Ambasciatori was wonderful as were the meals (I am gluten intolerant) Capri was very picturesque and we did get to the Blue Grotto. I had asked the guide for information and help tp get to the Amalfi Coast, but as I could not remember my hotel room number, I had no luck. However the hotel staff gave me information about the local bus, which was very helpful, so I went down to Amalfi on the local bus, which I enjoyed.

Review by:   Guy,    July 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Very good, well organized, guides are well versed in many languages.

Review by:   Maureen E B,    July 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wonderful trip. Hotel was spectacular. Sorrento and Capri were gorgeous. All tour guides spoke English well and were very informative.

Review by:   Heather,    July 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Great trip. Stayed in a very posh Hotel in Sorrento, so lived and ate like a queen for 2 nights.

Review by:   Edward L,    July 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Capademonte Hotel is fantastic; Capri fantastic (very organized to maximize the use of time); return bus ride to Rome has too many hand-offs (we were picked up at 3:20 PM and did not get back to Rome until after 10 PM and to our hotel just before 11 PM - crazy)

Review by:   Elie,    July 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
After 10 days of exploring Rome, Tuscany, Pisa and Venice, we needed a slower pace to culminate our trip. The three days offered exactly what we wanted. Naples and Pompeii were a bit tiring, but very intersting. Capri, Blue Grotto and Sorrento were relaxing and beautiful. The four star hotel, Embassadorie, was amazingly beautiful and unexpected. It included lunch and dinner in a grand fashion and our room was with a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. For the price we paid for this excursion, we did not expect such accomodations. Thumps up, way up for this leg of the trip. It exceeded our expectations.

Review by:   Kathleen F,    June 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
A fantastic trip. Hotels, guides and food all excellent. This was the first trip of its kind we had tried. We would recommend it to everyone. Great value for money.

Review by:   Tsharni Z,    June 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Lovely way to get a quick taster of the coastal town. Trip to Naples too short, but time in Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri fantastic. Local guides make the difference - so hopefully you get the good ones! Accomodation in Sorrento was better than 4 star!

Review by:   KEN,    June 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This tour was one of our highlights, we ran all parts of this tour very well. We left Rome from there office in the morning for an absolutely splendid 3 days. We stopped at Naples were we met our tour guide who was also our guide of Pompeii, this guy was the best very passionate and lots of humour, this guy is in the right job. A big thank you -- you we great. We had a very nice lunch on arrival in Pompeii. Then our guide took us through the ruins mind blowing experience. Then it was of to one of earths beautiful spots Sorrento we stayed at the Ambassador hotel so nice great breakfast and dinner and a view to die for. Blue grotto Capriapri to much to write we will return to here some day and stay at least a week. A big thank you to our guide we had for the trip to Capri. This tour is value for money we would do it all again tomorrow if we could.

Review by:   Jaylene S,    June 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Pompeii, sorrento and Capri were all lovely sites to see and very well worth it. The tour only stopped in Naples for a few hours, it was not interesting at all and would have been good if they cut that out. Another night in sorrento would be good just to enjoy the city centre and beautiful beach. One day in Capri was enough we were lucky enough to see blue grotto! Capri and sorrento were just beautiful. Well worth it. I found we could have fitted a lot more quality time in, if the tour group was more organized, we spent too long waiting around for transport and too long at lunch in Pompeii. Otherwise all was good.

Review by:   Lauren T,    June 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
My partner and I had little time, so chose this 3 day trip. It was a highlight in our 2 month trip! It was definitely value for money; the accommodation was beyond anything we thought we could afford, the local guides were brilliant. We would highly recommend this tour!

Review by:   Leonard,    May 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
I'm not really into taking a tour but this one I really enjoyed. We had plenty of free time after the tour. All our guides we're excellent and showed concern for the travelers. The Hotel in Sorrento was beautiful with an amazing view. Will definitely go back and take at least 5 days

Review by:   Dante M,    May 2012 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
Naples was a tease. I would've prefered more time there. I didn't have a chance to do so much as grab a slice of pizza. In summary Naples was pretty much here's a building, there's a building, ok now get back on the bus. Pompei was good, didn't realize how large it was. I think we saw a lot and it was interesting. The food provided was not so good and there wasn't enough to accomodate everyone. Sorrento was gorgeous, as was Capri.

Review by:   Roma W,    May 2012 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing

Review by:   Norma B,    May 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
I really enjoyed this trip. The only thing i would improve on this would be having the itinerary for every day of the tour prior to leaving. This way you can plan and pack according to where you are going and staying. More information prior to the leaving for the trip was the only thing missing.

Review by:   Donna,    May 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Amazing hotel in Sorrento- good guides - easy logistics to/from Rome. Altogether, a great experience!

Review by:   jackie,    May 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The bus 102 have to be fixed . The roof is leaking on 4 seats ._br/_ the hotel in Sorento was first class . The different guides did very well especially with the group's change .

Review by:   Kevin R,    May 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
All in all it was a great trip. The hotel in Sorrento was clean and friendly. The day trip to Capri was wonderful and luckily the blue grotto was open. All of our guides spoke english very well._br/_ The only negatives were the hour spent in Naples and having to stop in Pompeii and Naples. This didn't get us back to our hotel until after 10pm in which we had a tour booked early for the next morning. Also, it would be nice to have a few options for the third day before returning to Rome.

Review by:   CJ,    May 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Great experience, my whole family loved it.

Review by:   ROSE,    May 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
I would highly recommend this trip. Initially I thought it was a bit too expensive but in hindsight it was definately worth it. We took 3 days out of a week in Rome to do it and were delighted we did. It made our short holiday complete. The tour guides were friendly, helpful and informative. Everything was timely and prompt not delays and no problems overall. Pompeii was fascinating and Sorrento and Capri were beautiful and worth the trip. We stayed in the Ambassador Hotel in Sorrento and it was fabulous one of the high lights of the trip. Our guide arranged a separate private tour for 8 of us to do a further day trip to Amalfi and Positano from Sorrento which was another great day out and fairly priced. Our visit to Naples was short and sweet but again the Tour guide showed us the highlights excellently and much to my surprise Naples was worth stopping off to see on route. Very happy overall with the trip content, locations, and guides. This trip was a definate winner all round! R Donegan, Ireland. May 2012

Review by:   Giuls,    May 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wow fantastic value or money! The hotel was incredible. The guides were delightful.

Review by:   cspat,    May 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
It's amazing how many details and people were involved in making this tour work, but it all came together seamlessly. The tour guides were excellent and were local to each area. We had plenty of time to take it all in and felt well cared for. The hotel accommodatin was absolutely beautiful with water views and fantastic food. Pompeii and Sorrento are must-see destinations. I would highly recommend this tour and company to others.

Review by:   jacksonking33,    April 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Very nice break to get out of Rome and see the beautiful countryside. We saw too many wonderful things to comment on them all, but of course the highlight of this tour was Pompeii. Have to see it because words cannot convey the magnificence. Also the day spent in Capri was beautiful. Rode the chair lift to the highest point on the island where there was a 360 degrees view of the island. We had a small group and a great guide.

Review by:   Patricia A,    April 2012 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
This tour was a mixed bag. First stop Naples. I think they included it in the tour, just to accommodate the shuffling of guests between tour buses. The tour was a walk from the ugly parking lot past a castle and through a very pretty shopping mall and back to the car park. Onto another bus and off to Pompeii for lunch (pretty good) and tour of Pompeii (too short). Back on another bus and on to Sorrento to check in at a lovely hotel. There was no Sorrento tour, which was okay. We walked around and relaxed at the hotel. Morning tour to Capri, which started with a stop at a large gift shop in Sorrento (totally unnecessary). We were lucky our guide rushed us right off the ferry and onto the boat to the Blue Grotto, because it closed shortly after we came back (kudos to him). Then we had lunch at a pizzeria in the upper city and walked around for some charming coffee and shopping. Back on the bus, ferry, bus and to the hotel again. Free evening. Two dinners at the hotel were included, but I wish we had skipped one and eaten out in Sorrento. It was good, but limited menu. Twice in a row was too much. We were instructed to be ready to go at 330, but the bus didn't arrive until 415. They took us back to Pompeii, shuffled us onto another bus, which stopped in Capri to pickup more people and dropped us off blocks from our hotel at 1030pm in the rain, with all our luggage. Luckily my iPhone was working for directions. They didn't plan any time for dinner. They gave us 10 minutes to grab something at a gift shop/deli/rest stop.

Review by:   Jane S,    April 2012 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
This trip was only great because of the actual places we got to see. The transportation was terrible, not because the buses were bad but because we had to keep transferring buses. I get they were trying to be more efficient by putting us with people on day trips but it was very inconvenient for us, and such a hassle. Like many have said before the naples trip was short and could have been excluded. Our tour guides were nice and very informative especially Sascha in Capri. However, the tour guide on the bus with us from Pompeii to Sorrento was very rude. She spoke mainly spanish and didn't translate her words over, so it made us feel very uncomfortable. The last day was free time and we did get to see the Almafi coast but we mainly spent 4 hours on a bus rather than more time in the city of Almafi because the bus there took 2 hours. It was a beautiful coast and definitely worth seeing but it would have been nice if this were included with the package rather than us having to bust a mission to get there. The best part of this trip was the hotel, I must say the room was well kept and great. The food for breakfast and dinner was also good. Another thing I didn't like was that we had to buy our own drinks but meals were included. Water at a restaurant was about 3-4 euros and wasn't even that big. When we could get a big water bottle for a euro at a local store. It would seem easier and more convenient for us if they would have charged the drinks with the meal packages instead of making us buy our own.

Review by:   JEFFREY P,    April 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Best tour in Italy! We had a stellar tour from Rome to Napoli, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri. Our guides we're very accommodating, the hotel was unbelievable. All meals included and the food was amazing to boot! Don't hesitate on this selecting this tour. High value and stellar guides! Pompeii was amazing and Capri was divine! We can't say enough great things about this tour! Thank you!

Review by:   cleverfelixis,    March 2012 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Fantastic !!!!! You guys are Excellent. Definitely will recommend VIATOR to all my friends.

Review by:   BEN L,    March 2012 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
We did not have any guided activity on the third day unless we pay extra that we did not know in advance in the brochure. This was not described on the web site either.

Review by:   Mattson,    January 2012 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Much better than the negative comments on tripadvisor

Review by:   JaceLee,    November 2011 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
We had the misfortune of going to Pompeii and Naples on a day when the skies poured down non-stop from morning till the next day. Thankfully, the local guide, Fabiano, kept the walking tour interesting and humorous and truly saved it from becoming a disastrous day. Our trip to Capri, however, was such a quick affair that we remember more of a boat trip rather than the town itself. Sorrento was mostly free and easy for us, and it was truly enjoyable, since the town is full of charming corners and delicious food. The hotel arranged for us was an excellent establishment that oozed Italian (well-earned, since it is over 150 years old!). Overall, the places and scenery of the region are truly memorable, and we were reluctant to leave at the end of the tour.

All Traveler Reviews...

USD $540.64
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