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Home > Rome > 3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
USD $481.89

3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri

Rome, Italy

Explore Italy’s scandalously beautiful Campania region on a 3-day southern Italy tour from Rome, with 4-star hotel accommodation in Sorrento included. After seeing the big, bold and brash city of Naples by coach, explore the UNESCO-listed ruins of ancient Pompeii and then hit the Amalfi Coast. Cruise to Capri to see its fabled Blue Grotto (summer only), and then spend your final morning at leisure, soaking up the sun in Sorrento.

Please see the Itinerary section for tour details.

USD $481.89
Traveler Reviews
Review by:   jscafidi,    October 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
We did a 3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri. We got picked up at our hotel which was great, but when brought to the office to meet our coach bus there was no one telling us which bus to get on there were a ton. Once we found our bus, we met our tour guide, Claudia. She was a sweetheart and my husband and I enjoyed her. We spent about 20 minutes in Naples outside since its a dangerous area, and then headed to Pompeii. Our tour guide there was Wilma. She was knowledgeable, but spoke for 2 hours straight, which after a while caused us to stop listening. Pompeii was great to see though! Hotel accommodations were fine. Day 2 we went into Capri for the day which was amazing. However our guide for the day there seemed to be a glorified babysitter...didn't really teach us anything except for the 10 minutes boat road to the blue grotto, and gave us a lot of leisure time no option to head back to our hotel if we didn't want to shop. Day 3 was a free day in Sorrento and was by far our favorite day. Capri and Sorrento were great. Even though there was a lot of free time, it was cheaper to do this than book everything on our own. The location/view were amazing! I might look to use a different company next time though.

Review by:   Natalie A,    October 2015 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
It was good - I really enjoyed Sorrento and Capri, and the bus guides were quite knowledgeable. I felt like there were a lot of stops that were intended to get us to buy goods at tourist locations. _br/_ Pompeii was very interesting although our guide there was mediocre. I enjoyed it because of the history but not because of the guide or the tour itself.

Review by:   onel0wcubn,    October 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This was probably the best thing we did on our trip to Italy. The stop in Naples was REALLY quick, like 10 minutes so they shouldn't even highlight it in the package. The hotel in Sorrento was beautiful. The trip to Capri was awesome and we got to go into the Blue Grotto which is rare I hear since it's always closed. We rented a scooter and rode to Amalfi. A must do if your'e up for it.

Review by:   Marvin R,    October 2015 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
Trip was great. The time on Capri and the boat ride with the tour guide was great. Very enjoyable and well coordinated. Earlier I wrote that we had a problem with coordination of the tours from Rome to Pompeii and Pompeii to Sorrento. Grave doubts about both tour guides working together. Both tour guides were somewhat incompetent. Sorry for the negative writeup but that is reality.

Review by:   Travel dreamer,    October 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Excellent tour, highly recommend. Organisation was outstanding, guides knowledgable, accommodation lovely and included food nice.

Review by:   Peggy,    October 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wonderful trip, had to get used to the crowds. Transportation and accommodations were outstanding. Our guide in Pompeii was not engaging and lost us on the way. Our guide in Capri was wonderful. We enjoyed every aspect of the trip and would highly recommend it.

Review by:   Marilyn M,    October 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The transportation was great and the overall trip was very enjoyable. The first provided lunch in Pompeii was not good. The tour guides were very good and knowledgable with the exception of the Pompeii tour. The guide had English speaking and German speaking people in the group. Everything had to be said twice and sometimes it was difficult to determine what language was being spoken as the guides voice was muffled. Pompeii was amazing but we felt we only got half of a tour. The Capri and Sorrento tours were excellent.

Review by:   bolgerp,    October 2015 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
Lots of delays and wasted time! Picked up at 6:45am from Rome downtown hotel and didn't make it to Naples until 11:30am, typically about a two-hour ride. Only stopped once in Naples for about 10 minutes at the harbor, then onto the restaurant for lunch in Pompeii. While meal adequate, it took too long only leading to a brief 2-hour tour of Pompeii ruins which allowed us to see about half of the area, and the singer at the restaurant went table to table basically demanding tips. After viewing Pompeii, we then waited about an hour outside in a bus parking lot, for our smaller bus to Sorrento while other people loaded the bus we had taken down from Rome even though we were told that all our valuables could be left on that bus. Did not reach our lovely hotel in Sorrento Capodimonte until almost 8pm. Thus in over 12 hours, there was only 2 hours of valuable touring. Capri was a disappointment. Entertaining tour guide, but the focus was clearly on souvenier shopping. Spent last day taking public bus to Positano on our own which was the best part of the trip. Found this Carani tour unsatisfactory.

Review by:   jason h,    October 2015 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
I would like to give a review , but Viator has yet to get back to me about the fact we were put up in a 3 star hotel , not even in Sorrento as promised the only ones in our group on our honeymoon....I actually have some good things to say about the other part of the tour , but will wait until the get back to me its been 3 weeks about the fact that this was not what was promised

Review by:   Lorna K,    October 2015 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
The trip to Capri was kind of awful actually. The local guide collected tourists from several tours and we had 80 people 4 bus loads in a group with one guide. All we did was wait for people, wait for busses, wait for boats. Not enjoyable at all.

Review by:   Craig D,    September 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This was truly a highlight of our trip to Italy. The hotel in Sorrento was outstanding with wonderful food. The tour guides were great. We loved the Blue Grotto in Capri. Pompeii was very interesting. I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. It was worth every penny we paid for it.

Review by:   jamarwood,    September 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
My daughter and I took this tour together. Most of the tour was great - some not so good. The trip to Naples and Pompeii was separate to the trip to Sorrento and Capri as after visiting Pompeii, those staying over in Sorrento were placed on another bus. Our tour guide to Naples / Pompeii lacked enthusiasm and she spent a great deal of the bus trip talking in Italian to the bus driver very annoying. In Naples, we collected our tour guide for Pompeii - an older woman by the name of Wilma. After lunch in a restaurant at the Pompeii site this was quite good - we were left with Wilma to show us through Pompeii. We had been looking forward to visiting Pompeii and Wilma thoroughly ruined this experience for us. She shuffled along slowly, mumbling away - it is was impossible to hear or understand her. She spoke a lot about the weather I think and quite a few of us became so fed up, we took our head set earpieces out so we didn't have to listen to her. This is the worst tour we have ever been on! Also on this whole tour both guides spoke in a second language, along with English. So distracting and time consuming. Tours should be in one language only! The trip turned for the better when we left these guides behind and went on the second bus to Sorrento. If you take this trip, my recommendation is take the 4 star hotel - it was magnificent and dinner and breakfast was superb. Our trip to Capri was very nice and our guide was very good. When in Capri, I recommend you take the chair lift up to the top - the views are glorious and you can look down over the local houses, yards and gardens on the way up. The trip to the blue grotto is ok - you are only in there for a short while, but it's another experience. All in all I can highly recommend this tour - except for the Pompeii experience unfortunately!

Review by:   Cynthera P,    September 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Great tour, Sorrento and Capri you need more time both were awesome. The tour guides were super, good food, hotels were ok.

Review by:   Carol,    September 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Great tour. Couldn't see the blue grotto as the sea was too high - apparently this is very common so it would have been good fo know beforehand. Accommodation was fantastic!

Review by:   Colbie B,    September 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Loved this tour. Definitely worth the money!

Review by:   Grant C,    September 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The hotel was great enjoyed the whole trip

Review by:   Zulkifli Z,    September 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This was an excellent and well organized tour. The hotel in Sorrento was well located, and had a direct view to the sea, with friendly staff. The dinner in Sorrento was great. The trip to Capri and Anacapri was excellent. If you to Capri dont miss the Chair cliff, the view was very amazing.

Review by:   Christina D,    August 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The placed visited were amazing! The hotel we had in Sorrento and the food was above our expectations and Capri and the Blue Grotto were great. I gave it 4 because the guide in Pompeii wasn't great very monotone and told a guy to pay attention because she doesn't want to repeat herself when he asked a question. The first day was disorganized buses being transferred etc and the lunch on the first day was awful. Otherwise, beautiful and very nice if you have limited time but want to see as much as possible. We booked an Amalfi/Positano excursion through the company for the last day. Next time, though, I would go on my own and do the entire coast spending a couple of days in each place.

Review by:   cantillanotravel,    August 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Just absolutely fantastic trip. Amazing 4 star hotel. We didn't have to worry about anything and we had an exceptional time in the south of Italy.

Review by:   Barry C,    August 2015 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
Late buses,poor guides,no commentary, no walking tour of Naples,slow progress at Pompeii, no blue grotto visit due ti dissuasion by guide, all in all a terrible tour.....only good part was hotel Michelangelo in Sorrento. _br/_ I wouldn't suggest your company to my worst enemy.

Review by:   Lisa P,    August 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This trip was amazing. We had various guides for different parts of the trip and they were all very organised and informative. We had a brief stop in Naples, more to take photos. The time at Pompeii was very interesting and long enough. It was very hot so suggest hat, sunscreen and lots of water. Our hotel in Sorrento was on the water with a private beach and was a great way to spend our free day in Sorrento. The trip to Capri was beautiful and was just like we had seen in photos. All the included meals were of a high quality and standard. A family of four, with two teenagers, we all thoroughly enjoyed this tour and it has been one of the highlights of our holiday.

Review by:   Lorraine N,    August 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Excellent trip that I will always remember. Each individual tour guide was experienced, knowledgeable and extremely accommodating. My hotel in Sorrento was fabulous with what I considered a 5-star rating. The food that was included was beyond my expectations. The tour was well organized and exceeded all my expectations.

Review by:   Maryann K,    August 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Viator were excellent

Review by:   Nicholas P,    August 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Great Tour. Excellent hotelGrand Royal Sorrentowell organised. Great meals and facilities

Review by:   Roy M,    July 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Very organized. Best hotel in Sorrento is the Hotel Tramontano! It is literally in the middle of town and an easy walk to great shops and restaurants. The hotel restaurant had great food and amazing views! The the staff were always very accomodating.

Review by:   Paul H,    July 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Good balance between free time and and excursions. It was very well organized. Michelangelo hotel was located in great location.

Review by:   Isabel V,    July 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We took our 3 grown kids on this tour and upgraded to the premium option. It was a fantastic experience. The guides were wonderful, the food and hotels fantastic and the sites amaizing. We stayed at the Ambasciatori and it was simply fantastic. The food, staff, views, beach front...everything was wonderful. It was the highlight of our trip.

Review by:   Tony,    July 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
I highly recommend this tour. We called when we arrived in Rome from our hotel room to confirm. When we confirmed, they gave us a pickup time. We waited in the lobby with our luggage the day we got picked up. We were picked up in a small van and then taken to the area where we were to take the bus. On the way to Naples, they stop halfway so that you can buy a snack and use the bathroom. Once in Naples, you get to get out for a bit to take pictures. After Naples we ate lunch at a hotel next to the ruins. Pompeii was amazing!! I recommend you bring an umbrella and sunblock as there isn't much shade. After Pompeii, they drive us to our hotel. We paid extra to stay in the superior hotel. We got to stay in Grand Hotel Ambasciatori. If you stay there, make sure to take the elevator down to the water. On the next day, we took a boat ride to Capri. I was a bit bummed that we didn't get to go into the grotto due to high tides. We were told that the Blue Grotto is only open 30 of the whole year. We did get to take a boat ride next to the grotto. One thing I recommend doing is taking the chair lift. The views are amazing!

Review by:   law_likes_blue,    July 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
The first day of the tour was worrying - bus guide was unfriendly and rude. Lunch was average. The guide for Pompeii was amazing. Once we arrived at the hotel, we didn't regret the tour! It was an amazing hotel and breakfast and dinner had an amazing view. If you want to relax, do this tour!

Review by:   Wendy G,    July 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
We really enjoyed this excursion. Our hotel in Sorrento was great, but we honestly didn't have enough time there to enjoy it. The pool closed at 6 p.m. so we never used it. Pompeii was interesting. Naples was basically a drive by. Capri and the Blue Grotto were great. All guides were good. We took a city bus to Almafi coast the last day, which we recommend doing. Overall, a good experience.

Review by:   rhoads56,    July 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Unbelievably good value! Very friendly hosts, extremely well organised, and the hotel and food arrangements were beyond what we expected. We would absolutely use the tour company again

Review by:   Stephanie R,    July 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
I'm not into bus tours, but this one was well worth it! The tour guides were extremely knowledgeable, everyone's language was spoken, the food was excellent, and the accommodations were amazing! Fabulous trip!

Review by:   George G,    July 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Loved Pompei, only drove passed Naples possibly due to late start. Sorrento and Capri was beautiful. The hotel we stayed at was awesome.

Review by:   Patricia S,    June 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
We felt this tour was so worth the money. The hotel in Sorrento was 4 stars...beautiful views. We enjoyed Naples, Pompeii but it was Sorrento and Capri that WE LOVED! I wish I would've booked a 5-day instead of 3. We had an extra day without a tour guide so we jumped on a bus tour guides recommendation and went to Positano for the day. Absolutely beautiful! Would recommend it.

Review by:   Meika W,    June 2015 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
Terrible communication between guides and they even left us at the hotel on part of the trip. This actually happened to another family as well. Would not recommend this tour.

Review by:   Robynne B,    June 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Walking your of Naples didn't happen because we left rome late but we weren't told that. disappointing to arrange and pay again for the trip to positano and amalfi on the third day. A whole day of nothing in sorrento is too much. _br/_ upgraded hotel: amazing, staff great, food very good. Great location

Review by:   Karen S,    June 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
I enjoyed this tour very much. The transportation logistics worked smoothly. Our group was a manageable size. We were booked at a really nice hotel. Six meals were included in the tour price. The tour guides were knowledgeable. The highlights were the trip to Pompeii and Capri. The only disappointing part was skipping the walking tour of Naples. We were supposed to see the blue grotto but it was closed for the day because of the thunderstorm in the early mornig. Our guide arranged for us to take a speed boat to the mouth of the blue grotto. That was cool.

Review by:   Aminah F,    June 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
This tour was amazing!

Review by:   Genevieve Su-Yi C,    June 2015 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
Deeply disappointed with the tour._br/_ 1. Tour was bi-lingual and with the strong accent of the tour guides, we often did not know whether they were speaking English or Spanish/French. _br/_ 2. We were always changing buses to move from place to place. Had to wait 4 hours at Pompeii to get to Sorrento. We moved from the bus, to the side of the road, to waiting in the shade, to another bus, and then back to the side of the road... just very badly handled. Albeit the bad traffic jam explanation that was given, we cannot understand why the bus that was waiting with us or alternative arrangements could not be made to take us to Sorrento which was just 45 mins away. _br/_ 3. To make matters worse, at Sorrento we sat in the bus circling the same area 3 times before we could board a small taxi to get to our hotel. Other people who were on the same tour bus as us and were scheduled to stay at the same hotel got to the hotel 40 minutes earlier than us. Taxi provided was also too small for 4 passengers causing us to squeeze in the backseat, and our luggages were forced in to fit, resulting in scratches and damage to our personal items._br/_ 4. As a result of this delay, we had dinner at 9:30pm and the tour guide was curt, rude and unapologetic about the entire incident. By the time we had finished dinner, it was 10:45pm. Not great for a family who is prone to gastric pains when we do not eat meals at regular hours/intervals._br/_ 5. Lunch at Capri was scheduled for 2:15pm but thankfully the tour guide managed to make an exception for us to eat at 1:30pm. _br/_ 6. A walking tour scheduled for Day 1 at Naples on your website did not happen at all and when the guide was asked, she simply brushed it off with "there is no such tour".

Review by:   George F,    June 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Tour guide, local guide at Pompeii was fine. Sorrento was great.. Tour of Capri was poor, too many on tour, spent more time counting heads , less free time given than promised, too many for guide too handle, hence every time we stopped or met, spent counting heads,,30plus,,much too many....

Review by:   Kayee N,    June 2015 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
A disaster. _br/_ The walking tour in Naples was skipped without an an explanation; the tour guide left us in Pompeii so we had to ask the other tour guides and tourists for map and directions to exit; followed by an 3 hour delay of the coach bus to Sorrento hotel. one drink was offered due to delay...

Review by:   sande,    June 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
The tour was amazing, really good guides_br/_ Sad that the Blue Grotto was closed but enjoyed every moment. Only wish we had one more day. Hotel Capedimonti was wonderful.

Review by:   ellavo19,    June 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
best part of the trip was the 4 star superior hotel and the included food in Sorrento. extremely nice with amazing view, amazing meals. Capri/Anacapri was a nice excursion, but the blue grotto was underwhelming and not worth seeing in my opinion. and we also spent a long time waiting for bus transfers between different parts of the excursion which rushed other parts of our trip. Naples was basically a picture/bathroom stop. Food at Pompeii was subpar at a purely tourist restaurant. Pompeii tour was what I expected.

Review by:   Thomas F,    June 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wonderful trip. Excellent accommodations. Tour guide through Pompeii was very knowledgable, accommodating. Guide to Capri was likewise w_br/_ Very good. Excellent. Would highly recommend.

Review by:   Barry B,    June 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
What an experience would highly recommend, just wish it had been longer.

Review by:   Margot G,    May 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Despite the chaotic start at the meeting point on day one, the tour itself was well organised. It was a little disappointing as a single traveller to be placed in a hotel by myself, not with the other travellers in our group, otherwise the 4 star hotel was good with a great restaurant and close to town. We were allocated plenty of time to see Pompeii, Naples, and Capri. We chose to book an additional private tour for 8pax on our free day and this was exceptional.

Review by:   Matthew L,    May 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
A 5-star trip in a 3-day experience!_br/_ Hotels: We stayed in a great hotel with a view of all of Sorrento, one of the nicest hotels we have stayed in ever. Easy to walk around Sorrento but you will not want to leave your hotel if you have that nice a view._br/_ Guides: Claudia and Ornello were our main guides they were very accommodating and helpful. We felt pampered! All the guides were good, even the Pompeii and Capri guides. _br/_ Experience: We went in April the week before Easter and saw the Black Procession, which was a unique experience. The Blue Grotto was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we went on a cloudy day. The tour of Pompeii was very cool and informative. Naples wasnt much to see but we were only there for an hour. Take the public transportation to Amalfi, it is worth a day trip in the afternoon. It would be nice if they helped you organize that more but it was worth doing for the afternoon on our own. Overall, we saw all the highlights in just 3 days and felt like we had ample free time to explore on our own. _br/_ Food: The food was DELICIOUS. Best food I have had in Italy._br/_ We have done other Viators in Italy but THIS IS THE BEST ONE. We did the 5 day tour but the three day tour is better as you are treated like royalty seeing the most beautiful parts of Italy. _br/_ Tour is run through a local tour company. They pass you on from one local guide to the other but as long as you stick close and ask questions when you are confused you will be fine.

Review by:   Victoria J,    May 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Well the trip was great. the Tour company really moved us along, made sure we were met by buses, connecting shuttles, etc, and the tourguides for Naples, Pompeii, Capri were all great. The 4 star hotel in Sorrento, the Capodimanti, was very elegant and grand with its views of the Gulf from the extensive dining patio. Food was lovely, service fabulous. Our room was amazing with tiles everywhere and a 7th floor balcony view. What was not good was the hotel's LOUSY COFFEE...if it was not actually Nescafe, it tasted like it. Waiters brought it to urns by the steaming pitcherful...untouched by coffee beans. I wonder of the hotel puts up with us less-than-4-star clientele no one there looked like they paid 500 per night and makes fun of us by inflicting crappy coffee on us? Viator should really look into it. An Italian disgrace

Review by:   Yuen Loke C,    May 2015 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Had positive experience with the staff of the tour company for most _br/_ of the trip. Enjoyed the wonderful sights and people of Southern Italy.

Review by:   Eric N,    April 2015 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
A fabulous three day trip, to summarise a highlight is almost impossible but Pompeii was up there, the Island of Capri and the Blue Grotto was also high on the list, then a free day to tour the Amalfi Coast. We stayed at the Michelangelo hotel in Sorrento. This is a fabulous hotel but the night we stayed here the power kept failing all night and every time the power came back n again it switched TV on which of course would wake us up, No mention of this at check-out, not even a hint of an apology anyway, it did not detract from a wonderful three days with outstanding guides.

All Traveler Reviews...

USD $481.89
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