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Home > Rome > 3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
USD $503.71

3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri

Rome, Italy

Explore Italy’s scandalously beautiful Campania region on a 3-day southern Italy tour from Rome, with 4-star hotel accommodation in Sorrento included. After seeing the big, bold and brash city of Naples by coach, explore the UNESCO-listed ruins of ancient Pompeii and then hit the Amalfi Coast. Cruise to Capri to see its fabled Blue Grotto (summer only), and then spend your final morning at leisure, soaking up the sun in Sorrento.

Please see the Itinerary section for tour details.

USD $503.71
Traveler Reviews
Review by:   Jamie W,    November 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This was a great easy paced tour that we thoroughly enjoyed. The hotel was fantastic, the history enlightening and the shopping and food in Capri was marvelous. Since the winds kept us from being able to go to the Blue Grotto, we were taken to Ana Capri instead. It was well worth it. And of course we bought the Capri watches. :-

Review by:   swcheng10,    November 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
We booked 4 trips with Viator when we went to Italy in August, 3 of the 4 were day trips which we gave all 5 stars review, and the fourth one was this three days trip to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri.

Review by:   lynnland,    November 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
This tour on the most part was amazing! A few problems with all the bus transfers but all the guides were wonderful . Lunch in Naples... bad ! Sorrento hotel had amazing views. Tour lunch in Capri was excellent followed by a chairlift to the top of the island !

Review by:   Melinda C,    October 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
The tour was all that they described- very comprehensive,professioal, on-time, informative...vehicles were top knock, guides were full of great information and pleasant- we kept on schedule and accomplished all that was promised. It was very well-run I would recommend.

Review by:   beakschan,    October 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The Sorrento and Amalfi portions of this trip were awesome and I would highly recommend. We stayed in an amazing hotel Michelangelo which was VERY nice, in a perfect location downtown and had some of the best food we had in Italy especially awesome since we were vegetarians!. However, the Naples portion of this was VERY unimpressive and a waste of time. What I would recommend is to do Pompeii and Vesuvius this tour did NOT include Vesuvius which is unfortunate since the hike up was a lot of fun, skip Naples and then get to Sorrento. So maybe do some sort of mix and match if possible? But don't miss out on the Amalfi and Blue Grotto part--one of the highlights of our trip!!

Review by:   Lani K,    October 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Tour guide Fabriano was phenomenal in Pompeii. Everything about Pompeii was amazing! Capri guide Sasha was awesome, he had to handle both the English and Spanish group - not sure what happened there and why we were put together..maybe a guide called in sick? Capri was gorgeous. Our main tour guide from Naples I can't remember his name, bald headed guy was awesome as well. All our guides were very knowledgeable and friendly. Blue Grotto happened to be closed when we went which was a bummer.

Review by:   Lee R,    October 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
The tour was amazing!!! We saw so much in so little time. It was so much fun and informarative._br/_ Great, amazing, funny, patient, and helpful - very helpful- staff. Saw things and places I would never see alone. Was worth every penny.

Review by:   AliMichael,    October 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
This was a very well organised tour, with enough time to see everything you needed to see. We began in Rome with an early start. First stop Naples pretty dirty and not very nice but a good view of Vesuvius from a distance. Pompei tour by our little local tour guide was fabulous. Loved Pompei. On to Sorrento down very windy little streets to our hotel - The Michelangelo. Great room and in perfect location and the food that was included was lovely. Next day to Capri and Anacapri - did not get to do the Blue Grotto as tide too high. The hole to get into grotto very small and so it is more often than not, unable to get through. Boat tour instead was just spectacular. The harbour area is very busy. Took some time for buses to be organised but Sascha was AMAZING. Up to Capri which is stunning for coffee and shopping and then more buses up to Anacapri for lunch included which was the best pizza we have EVER HAD. You must make sure you leave time to do the cable car to the top of Anacapri for the 360 degree view, it was the most spectacular I have ever seen. It takes 12 minutes up and 12 minutes back and only costs 11 E each. Worth every cent. Buses were a problem and the waiting for them was a bit annoying but they work on Capri time! Ferry back to Sorrento and dinner at hotel included and it was a fabulous day. Next morning was free time. Sorrento has so much to offer or you could also get to Positano just around the corner, then back on buses to Naples and change buses for more bus ride back to Rome. Got back to Rome quite late in the evening so a long afternoon/evening of travel. It is worth every cent for this tour though, as it would have been difficult to get around and into things without a tour guide to make things run smoothly. I would highly recommend this tour. Loved, loved, loved this area of Italy.

Review by:   kcdnguyen,    October 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This trip was amazing! I took my mom to Europe and we booked this tour to make life easier and it was wonderful! Pompeii was very cool with interesting history. Sorrento and Capri were beautiful! The hotel in Sorrento was incredible. I think we got really lucky to get such a nice view of Mount. Vesuvius from our balcony! Don't go on this trip expecting to go to the Blue Grotto in Capri because it depends on the tides since the opening to the cave is so small, you have to get on a small row boat to enter the cave. My mom and I were lucky to get to see the Blue Grotto and it was beautiful! The Southern coastline of Italy is gorgeous! We definitely want to go again!

Review by:   Michelle M,    October 2017 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
Location was fantastic, but the organization of the trip was a disaster. Multiple bus switches, multilingual interpretations were distracting and time consuming. The quick stop in Naples to take one picture is pointless, spent more time at the rest stop.... the stop in Pompeii in the pouring rain could have been handled better. The stay in Sorrento was okay, nice hotel, nice central location to go to downtown Sorrento which was very nice, but the day trip to Capri was too short and too rushed. Spent more time running to Ferries and waiting around for car/bus service then actually seeing anything. Had the time been explained better we would have skipped the group lunch, that wasn't very good, and enjoyed the island more. If your heart is set on seeing Capri- this is not the tour to take! This should be called the Sorrento tour...and I suggest exploring the downtown and the wonderful restaurants there versus the included low-quality hotel meals.

Review by:   doraleedds,    September 2017 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
We signed up for the three day tour starting with the hotel pick up from Rome. Being that this is my first big bus tour (I'm generally a do-it-yourself traveler) I had very low expectations. 1. Expect long drive times and wait times_br/_ 2. Expect poor quality food _br/_ 3. Expect to see beautiful views of sorrento, capri and a nice tour of Pompeii

Review by:   ELIOT C,    September 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Our trust in Viatour was well founded. They orchestrated many people to the right place at the right times for carefree outing. Listen to them well and go where they suggest. Except we wanted more time in Sorrento with the nice hotel there so we skipped Amalphi optional outing. Bring swimsuit.

Review by:   Ruth M. R,    September 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
For the most part, the tour was excellent and well organized. The tour guides were pleasant and knowledgeable. The scenery breathtaking. Two criticisms - the lunch the first day on the way to Pompeii was really horrible and we are not picky eaters. The 'roast beef' was a thin piece of mystery meat and the fish tasted like an overcooked piece of dry paper. The food issue was a concensus of our whole tour group - almost inedible. Second issue - the driver taking us from our main tour bus stop in Sorento to our hotel was in a huge hurry, almost threw our suitcases out on the street a block from our hotel which left us to haul our luggage over cobblestone streets to our hotel. The excuse was the streets were too narrow for the mini van to navigate - though a different mini van was able to pick us up at the hotel door on the day of departure. The hotel itself - Hotel Tramontano - was a fabulous hotel and the location was perfect.

Review by:   l.quadara,    September 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
My has been and I went on this tour in August the first day we drove to Naples for a quick stop just to take photos of the beaches and buildings around the area. Pompeii was very interesting and enjoyable our tour guide Vittorio was very informative passionate patient and_br/_ friendly. In the evening we arrived in Sorrento. We booked the superior hotel we were taken to theTramontana hotel which was on a cliff overlooking gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius just breathtaking. The hotel was amazing and provided a great breakfast and dinner._br/_ The next day we went to Capri and up the top to anacapri with beautiful views of the island. Then went to the blue grotto_br/_ which was a great experience on the beautiful blue waters of Capri. The next day we had free time in Sorrento for shopping or sightseeing. In the afternoon we left to go back to Rome._br/_ Amazing and breathtaking!!!! This tour is highly recommended a great experience very enjoyable.

Review by:   Joey H,    September 2017 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
Pompeii and Capri awesome. Sorrento disappointing. The hotel wasn't 4 star standard as promised. We shortened our trip by a full day (without refund) as there was no itinerary planned for Day 3 and there wasn't enough to see in Sorrento. We incurred an extra night's accommodation in Rome as a result.

Review by:   Linda H,    September 2017 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
I would not recommend the 3 day South Italy Tour from Rome. The bus drivers were fine but Carrinni Tour people were terribably disorganized! There was problems with separating parties that had booked together. A guide named Jovi was unable to reasonablly to load the busses going to various hotels...she was very upset ! _br/_ My husband and I had booked with Viator a 4 star hotel with a superior room in Sorrento ....we paid an additional amount so we could have a view of the ocean in Sorrento. We were given a garden view and the house staff would not rectify the situation. I never would have booked a hotel in this area unless it had the amazing view of the ocean...that is why you come to the Amafy coast!_br/_ Our thee day tour was supposed to include 3 breakfast and 2 dinners. Even though we had vouchers for the included dinners, the staff at the Hotel Parco Dei Principi would not initially tale the voucher from Carrani tours. _br/_ I would NEVER again book with Carrani Tours and perhaps not with Viator since no one was really there to help us.

Review by:   Dean W,    September 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The experience was interesting. The food, hotel and guides were fantastic. The only strange occurance was the changing of buses after the Pompeii tour it was organised chaos. But the tour guide knew what was happening. Worth the money!

Review by:   Stacey M F,    September 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
This was an awesome tour as you get to see Capri and go into the Blue Grotto. I was fortunate enough to be able to get in and what a wonderful experience made my trip! Sorrento was nice and Pompeii amazing except you do not get to see all of the ruins as it is massive just a few places were pointed out during that portion of the tour.

Review by:   gwenmclaurin,    August 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Capri, Sorento and Pompii were wonderful. Great experience with fabulous hotel accommodations and food. I would highly recommend this trip.

Review by:   Kirk O,    July 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
The coast is AMAZING! Transportation is safe and's a few hours so just relax and ride. Pompeii is INCREDIBLE - we had no idea the city was so big. The guide was excellent and her English was terrific. The small coastal towns are cute but look mostly the same - when you've see one.... Capri is a must - weather permitting you'll enter the Blue Grotto if waves are too high you won't, if you do, you'll be treated to a blue you'll not see anywhere else. The hotel Grand Hotel Vesuvio was BIG and inclusive. The accommodations are first class, the grounds are perfect and the views are mind-blowing, the food however is average. We chose to eat dinner in Sorrento instead of the hotel even though the cost was ours to bear but a MUCH better choice.

Review by:   Rachel H,    July 2017 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
Unorganized, chaotic, and poorly planned. The hotel pickup on day 1 was 35 minutes late, and no one answered the phone in the office. We had to switch buses multiple times that day. The lunch stop restaurant on day 1 was not air conditioned, leaving 50 guests fanning themselves and sweating into their food. The Pompeii tour guide on day 1 walked too fast and the headset range was not very wide, making it impossible to hear half of the tour. She also failed to make sure the group was together when she moved from each location, which was confusing given there were many tour groups there. One elderly woman lost her husband because he was at the end of the group and didn't know where we had turned, and when the woman asked for help, the tour guide blamed her and said it was her own fault and refused to help find him. Also the first 20 minutes of the Pompeii tour are spent in a weird jewelry shop where they clearly are trying to get you to buy something. At least the hotel was nice, but we got there too late to actually go in the pool.

Review by:   Susan M,    July 2017 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
Tour of Pompei was very good and guide was very knowledgeable, and trip to Capri/ Blue Grotto was fun, but rest of trip was not as good as expected. Tour of Naples was from bus only, and lunch at Herculaneum at Maglia d'Oro restaurant was inedible. Had to change buses several times as people joined from other tours and/or left for other destinations. Lots of standing and waiting for transportation to arrive. First day was Naples and Pompei, and second day was at Capri. Third day was on our own in Sorrento, with no planned tour, so we had to pay for a private driver to show us around. Hotel in Sorrento was below par. Even though it was four-star rated, it was poorly furnished and poorly stocked with necessary supplies, such as tissues and toilet paper. Shower was unsafe, with no mat or handlebars to enter/exit slippery surface. Food at hotel was heavy and it was hard selecting a healthy diet. Going home from Sorrento was time consuming and tiring. Instead of a direct bus trip back to Rome, we had to be shuttled back to Pompei an hour away and then routed to a different bus, which took us to a meeting area in Rome where a shuttle brought us to our hotel. Five hours for what should have been a 3-hour trip. Staff were very unconcerned and unhelpful. Didn't respond to complaints and didn't provide advance instructions as to our agenda. Audio system in first bus was defective and it was virtually impossible to understand what the tour guide was saying on his microphone. He did not repeat the instructions to the group even after several of us complained about the inability to understand what he had said. Tour guides had very heavy accents and spoke too quickly, so even with a good audio system, it would have been difficult to understand them. When we arranged a private tour for the third day, from Sorrento to Amalfi ad Ravello, we were told by the tour director that we could pay by credit card. It turned out that the driver had no ability to process credit cards, and we had to use our remaining cash in euros, necessitating and extra visit to the bank to draw funds for subsequent use. Overall, a disappointment, although we did get to see some nice sights. Not worth the money we paid, though, and very tiring due to all the transportation changes and extra waiting time we experienced.

Review by:   Janette O,    July 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Organisation was great. Food was good. Only negative was that there was no coffee/tea making facilities in room, so had to get up and go without coffee. All the guides and sites where fantastic. Also remember this time of year is really hot so ensure you dress correctly. Bring umbrella to Pompeii there are no shade.

Review by:   Cheryle J,    July 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
the tour company Carana tours, not Viator really only provide transport from Rome to the locations pompeii, sorrento and then hand you over to the local guides. So what you get for your money is someone else arranging your coach to/from Rome, accommodation and local tours. They say the trip includes transfers, but in our case it didn't. We tried unsuccessfully to contact them the day prior to the departure, to amend our pickup location main hotel in city we ended up having to make our own way to the Coach departure point. Then, on returning to Rome, they would not drop us back at our hotel, because 'they had not picked us up there'. and so we had to make our own way back to our hotel. Viator were great, they refunded our cab fares when we explained what had happened.

Review by:   psceusa,    July 2017 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
My wife and I booked the 3 day tour with superior hotel option for the first week in July. Day 1 went very well. The tour operator Carrani picked us up from the hotel and took us to a central meeting point where they separated everyone based on the tours they were going on. It was a little hectic but timely. Our bus guide Maurizio was fantastic! Extremely informative and friendly. We took a nice bus tour of Naples which ended with lunch at a restaurant that was pretty awful. I'd recommend that Carrani change the lunch spot. We're in Naples let's just get a pizza! The local guide Wilma was also fantastic as seemed to be the trend with all of Carrani's guides. From there we headed to Pompeii and had an excellent tour of the ancient town. The long day culminated with a smooth transition to a new bus heading towards Sorrento. We checked into our 4 star plus hotel and it was AWFUL. The staff at the Grand vesuvio were the least helpful and most unprofessional of the six hotels we stayed at during our vacation. Our room was full of ants which prompted us to immediately change to a new room. Our new room was missing towels which the front desk failed to provide until the next day. The hotel is very worn down, far from town and the shuttle only runs limited hours. This was a disappointing end to a great first day and a continuous disappointment throughout the three days. Day 2 was a trip to Capri with Simona who like our other guides was also fantastic and knowledgeable. Extremely excited that we were able to get into the Blue grotta and wished there were more hours in the day so we could spend more time on Capri. I highly recommend taking the chair lift to the top of the island! Day 3 we were left to explore Sorrento. I would have preferred a trip to Positano or Amalfi but the transportation add on our guide recommended was insanely expensive. Not sure if it was through Carrani or Viator but 100 euro per person to spend a few hours in Amalfi seemed extremely unreasonable and my wife and I would have been willing to go for a more reasonable rate. By early afternoon we began our return journey to Rome which was uneventful. Overall I'd say Carrani's guides were the best part of the trip. Each one was better than the last. Also the logistics of shuffling everyone around was seamless which is the result of a lot of hard work on the operator's part. BUT the hotel was unacceptable and the included meals were not very good. The hotel alone almost prompted me to bring this review down to 3 stars. I recommend booking your own hotel in Sorrento and then separately booking day trips to Pompeii and Capri. That's what I'll be doing in the future.

Review by:   Ian G,    April 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This complete tour was amazing from start to finish. Its all brilliantly planned and excecuted. Hats off to Caranni Tours. Sasha was exceptional on our Capri excursion as well as Marizio on our return trip to Rome. I can highly recommend this tour if you want to visit this beautiful part of Italy.

Review by:   queencc2,    April 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We had a wonderful time! We wish there was a stop in Naples. We would have loved to see the museum there. The tour of Pompeii was fascinating. Excellent tour guide. We could not say enough good things about the Isle of Capri ! The blue grotto . Was breathtaking. Our tour guide,Hector was beyond wonderful! He was knowledgeable and caring. He is a local and showed his love of the island.

Review by:   Michelle L,    March 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Loved it! I was a little worried about paying for a multi-day tour but the hotels was really nice, the food included was amazing, and the tours were everything advertised and more. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You'll love it!!

Review by:   Fahad,    March 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Well managed. Naples is a bit of a drag. Despite bad weather the tour operators made sure the itinerary was executed. The accommodation was decent. For families with toddlers please make a note that Pompeii tour is not stroller friendly. Therefore get a baby carrier/sling as an alternative. The operator gives you a choice of touring Amalfi on the last day. We took that and would've missed out big time if we hadn't. Upon return to Rome we were supposed to take a train to Florence. The staff helped us in way whereby they patched us up with a group that was about to depart early. My compliments to driver Jani who ensured that we made it to Termini just in time for the last train. Was in a rush that day so was not able to thank him enough. Overall the staff was accommodating. Hope my compliments are passed on to staff.

Review by:   Lisa C,    January 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wow! Great value! Incredible sites! This was a perfect tour. Beautiful locations, great al fresco lunch in Pompeii and the guide was very informative and knowledgeable. Bus transport was first class and comfortable. The hotel in Capri was incredible. 3 pools cascading down all overlooking the sea. Highly recommend.

Review by:   Yanmin L,    January 2017 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
Worst experience of our 10 days in Italy thanks to Carrani, the local tour operator. Before you write off this review as another angry customer's rant, I'd suggest you read all the one-star reviews for this tour on Viator and you will see the consistency in our complaints with others.

Review by:   Kevin A,    December 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Sasha was our guide for this trip and he was amazing. He individualized the trip and took the time to explain everything, he had many interesting facts as well as recommendations for restaurants, etc. The hotel that was part of this trip was okay, the personnel were very thoughtful, however, the food was not as high quality as we've experienced throughout Italy. Capri was not accessible due to the weather so our guide went to plan 2, which was enjoyable. ...still hope to see Capri in the future.

Review by:   Jeff T,    December 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Unbelievable trip. Scenic, organized...well worth it!

Review by:   Sherri W,    December 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
This was a nice, well organized tour. The staff were friendly, helpful, and accommodating. However, the lunch in Naples was AWFUL. We were led through a trash strewn, unkempt courtyard to a vacant looking building for lunch. This was NOT a restaurant. The room was cold very, and had tables for the group in one half of the room, the other half of the room was empty. It was as if we were in an old conference room, that was made into a lunch area for the group and the food seemed to be heated in the back and brought out intermittently. The food was lukewarm, almost inedible. It's a shame that the tour group was nice and professional, but this aspect of the tour was so bad, it was almost offensive that the organizers think this is okay.

Review by:   Mrs Kathleen W,    November 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Fabulous tour. Pompeii was never on my bucket list, however I would return in a heartbeat. Lunch with an Italian musician was a bonus._br/_ Sorrento and the Isle of Capri certainly did not disappoint either. The hotel in Sorrento was very comfortable plus friendly staff and close to everything. _br/_ I would highly recommend this tour.

Review by:   zoe.surawski,    November 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Really enjoyed Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri. I did not find the bus tour through Naples very insightful or required as you could not see much at all. Would recommend even though the booking shows that you will be booked into a double bed room unless seek a twin as a couple we were provided a twin room for the two nights. Overall the sights at Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri were definitely worth the trip.

Review by:   Elizabeth C,    November 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This tour was amazingly organised and wonderful!

Review by:   Jsullivan288,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The trip and tour guides were excellent! The hotel I stayed at was exceptional. I had planned my trip to Italy and had been on and off trains for 17 days before getting on this tour, it was nice to have everything taken care of for me. The places we visited were beautiful. However, the trip was supposed to include pick up and drop off at the hotel. At the beginning of the trip I did not get picked up because I was staying at a bed and breakfast and they said pick ups at B and Bs may not be available. When I returned to Rome I was staying in a hotel close to the Travel office where we met for the trip. The tour guide on the bus told a friend who was staying at a nearby hotel and I that they could not drive us to our hotel. My friend had a cane. We both paid for a drop off at a hotel local hotel. We did not understand where to go to find our hotel and were left wandering around with luggage looking for our hotel. The other people on the bus were taken to their hotels. Other then the drop off, it was a very nice trip.

Review by:   Vani,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wonderfull experience !!!! Carranis tours was great .

Review by:   Cosmo29,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We thoroughly enjoyed out 3 Day Trip. It was everything we hoped it would be. We had just finished 7 days in Rome and ending our vacation on the coast was really amazing. The last day in Sorrento did not have anything planned, so we booked a private driver with another couple we met and felt this was excellent.

Review by:   elainehotchkiss,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Overall, tour was great.Guides for Pompeii and Capri were excellent, as was the hotel and meals in Sorrento (Imperial Hotel Tramontano).

Review by:   ROGER89118,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This tour was amazing!

Review by:   Stefan W,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We were lucky to have two exceptional guides for this tour. The first whose name I forget took us through Pompeii and really brought the story of the city to life through his passion for the subject and his in-depth knowledge. The second guide, Sacha, was a logistics magician who ensured that we got to every attraction we had on the list despite the huge crowds jostling for transport at various locations. The highlights of the tour were the Blue Grotto and the chair lift to the top of Anacapri. The remainder of the tour was also well organised. Highly recommended.

Review by:   RITWIK R,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
A Must Do tour in Italy. Great learning experience in Pompeii, scenic view tour in Sorrento. The hotel provided us a room with a view of Mediterranean Sea and Mt. Vesuvius. Amazing experience at Capri, the only disappointment was that the Blue Grotto boat trip was canceled due to choppy waters. Knowledgeable and friendly guides. Highly recommend it.

Review by:   Jeffrey L,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The good: Pickup at hotel was prompt and courteous. Guides were well informed. Fabiano at Pompeii was excellent and passionate about the site and what to see. Hotels were excellent and food was very good except first lunch, see below. Sascha in Capri was great and kept the tour moving and on time with two boat trips and trips from Capri to Anacapri. Lunch was excellent and enjoyed by all._br/_ The bad: First lunch was ok at best and took over 1.5 hours. Eventually made it to Pompeii by about 2 pm only to be told there would be a 15 min stop at a shell carving center. Guide did not return for almost 40 minutes which took time away from Pompeii guide compensated somewhat by extending time in the site from 5 pm to 5:20 but this put us behind and with traffic to Sorrento we did not arrive at hotels until after 8 pm. Overall though, the tour was great in that it hit the highlights and except for the shell carving, made the most of the time available.

Review by:   Asil N,    October 2016 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
It was a great trip, the places that we made, the actual places were amazing, however the room promised was not given there was no view at all, a balcony facing a WALL in Serrento. _br/_ There was a major delay at the start, 1 hour before we even took off from Rome because the people had sent the shuttle to the wrong hotel to pick up some customers. Then the bus broke down about 20 minutes in and we had to wait another hour and a half before they decided the bus could not be fixed and sent another one I mean shouldn't these things get checked before hand???, as a result we missed out on Mergellina AND Molo Beverllo to where the tour guide kept telling us how amazing it will be etc etc with sights of the gulf and Mt Vesuvius and amazing photographic opportunities..for a rookie photographer I was really disappointed. _br/_ We also did not make it to the blue grotto because weather did not permit. _br/_ Also the tour guides kept ignoring us, just talking to each other in Italian, not connected with the people. And worse a 70 something year old lady took us on the tour of Pompeii, no one knew what she was saying and she was walking so fast and very not into it, and a tour that should of taken I think 3 hours she did in 2 and just made us leave and wait outside till the bus came....SHOCKING. I mean this is a once in a life time trip for most of us!! That lady was really uninterested and did not care about us, like a robot, walks talks finish, absolutely disconnected form the group, very disappointing. _br/_ I was so greateful I got to see Capri and Sorrento, but if I'd known it would be like this I would of done it on my own, it would have been cheaper and I would have taken my time, but the service itself was a 3/5.

Review by:   Karmen L O,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This was an insanely complicated trip because there were folks doing day trip, 3, 5, and 7 day trips but they had it all sorted really well. The accommodations were top notch. The meals were pretty good. I would definitely do the trip again.

Review by:   Lilliana M,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended

Review by:   CMCGAVIN,    October 2016 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
I was a bit concerned when the hotel pickup bus didn't have enough room for our suitcases. They had to call for another bus for the suitcases only 1 each and not oversize. Lots of to'ing and fro'ing at the tour base and the bus was 15 minutes late leaving. The Pompeii tour was good. Naples was memorable for the narrow winding roads and the excellence of the driver. I don't know why we did a tour through the grotty industrial port of Naples._br/_ In Sorrento, we wasted a lot of time because the people in the bus were spread over several hotels which seemed miles apart, so it took a long time to get to to our hotel._br/_ The ferry and tour of Capris was fine. It was unfortunate that it rained, and the Blue Grotto was closed._br/_ We were somewhat disappointed to discover that the third day was a 'day of leisure', as we had been lead to believe we we touring the Amalfi coast. We went into Sorrento and did some shopping._br/_ Overall, I would not use this tour company again, ever!

Review by:   Janet S,    September 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Highlight of our trip! Amazing tour with very professional guides and so well organized. Hotel was beautiful and food was top notch. We fell in love with Sorrento and looking forward to returning one day.

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