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Home > Rome > 3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
USD $503.71

3-Day Italy Trip: Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri

Rome, Italy

Explore Italy’s scandalously beautiful Campania region on a 3-day southern Italy tour from Rome, with 4-star hotel accommodation in Sorrento included. After seeing the big, bold and brash city of Naples by coach, explore the UNESCO-listed ruins of ancient Pompeii and then hit the Amalfi Coast. Cruise to Capri to see its fabled Blue Grotto (summer only), and then spend your final morning at leisure, soaking up the sun in Sorrento.

Please see the Itinerary section for tour details.

USD $503.71
Traveler Reviews
Review by:   Ian G,    April 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This complete tour was amazing from start to finish. Its all brilliantly planned and excecuted. Hats off to Caranni Tours. Sasha was exceptional on our Capri excursion as well as Marizio on our return trip to Rome. I can highly recommend this tour if you want to visit this beautiful part of Italy.

Review by:   queencc2,    April 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We had a wonderful time! We wish there was a stop in Naples. We would have loved to see the museum there. The tour of Pompeii was fascinating. Excellent tour guide. We could not say enough good things about the Isle of Capri ! The blue grotto . Was breathtaking. Our tour guide,Hector was beyond wonderful! He was knowledgeable and caring. He is a local and showed his love of the island.

Review by:   Michelle L,    March 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Loved it! I was a little worried about paying for a multi-day tour but the hotels was really nice, the food included was amazing, and the tours were everything advertised and more. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. You'll love it!!

Review by:   Fahad,    March 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Well managed. Naples is a bit of a drag. Despite bad weather the tour operators made sure the itinerary was executed. The accommodation was decent. For families with toddlers please make a note that Pompeii tour is not stroller friendly. Therefore get a baby carrier/sling as an alternative. The operator gives you a choice of touring Amalfi on the last day. We took that and would've missed out big time if we hadn't. Upon return to Rome we were supposed to take a train to Florence. The staff helped us in way whereby they patched us up with a group that was about to depart early. My compliments to driver Jani who ensured that we made it to Termini just in time for the last train. Was in a rush that day so was not able to thank him enough. Overall the staff was accommodating. Hope my compliments are passed on to staff.

Review by:   Lisa C,    January 2017 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wow! Great value! Incredible sites! This was a perfect tour. Beautiful locations, great al fresco lunch in Pompeii and the guide was very informative and knowledgeable. Bus transport was first class and comfortable. The hotel in Capri was incredible. 3 pools cascading down all overlooking the sea. Highly recommend.

Review by:   Yanmin L,    January 2017 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
Worst experience of our 10 days in Italy thanks to Carrani, the local tour operator. Before you write off this review as another angry customer's rant, I'd suggest you read all the one-star reviews for this tour on Viator and you will see the consistency in our complaints with others.

Review by:   Kevin A,    December 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Sasha was our guide for this trip and he was amazing. He individualized the trip and took the time to explain everything, he had many interesting facts as well as recommendations for restaurants, etc. The hotel that was part of this trip was okay, the personnel were very thoughtful, however, the food was not as high quality as we've experienced throughout Italy. Capri was not accessible due to the weather so our guide went to plan 2, which was enjoyable. ...still hope to see Capri in the future.

Review by:   Jeff T,    December 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Unbelievable trip. Scenic, organized...well worth it!

Review by:   Sherri W,    December 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
This was a nice, well organized tour. The staff were friendly, helpful, and accommodating. However, the lunch in Naples was AWFUL. We were led through a trash strewn, unkempt courtyard to a vacant looking building for lunch. This was NOT a restaurant. The room was cold very, and had tables for the group in one half of the room, the other half of the room was empty. It was as if we were in an old conference room, that was made into a lunch area for the group and the food seemed to be heated in the back and brought out intermittently. The food was lukewarm, almost inedible. It's a shame that the tour group was nice and professional, but this aspect of the tour was so bad, it was almost offensive that the organizers think this is okay.

Review by:   Mrs Kathleen W,    November 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Fabulous tour. Pompeii was never on my bucket list, however I would return in a heartbeat. Lunch with an Italian musician was a bonus._br/_ Sorrento and the Isle of Capri certainly did not disappoint either. The hotel in Sorrento was very comfortable plus friendly staff and close to everything. _br/_ I would highly recommend this tour.

Review by:   zoe.surawski,    November 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Really enjoyed Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri. I did not find the bus tour through Naples very insightful or required as you could not see much at all. Would recommend even though the booking shows that you will be booked into a double bed room unless seek a twin as a couple we were provided a twin room for the two nights. Overall the sights at Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri were definitely worth the trip.

Review by:   Elizabeth C,    November 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This tour was amazingly organised and wonderful!

Review by:   Jsullivan288,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The trip and tour guides were excellent! The hotel I stayed at was exceptional. I had planned my trip to Italy and had been on and off trains for 17 days before getting on this tour, it was nice to have everything taken care of for me. The places we visited were beautiful. However, the trip was supposed to include pick up and drop off at the hotel. At the beginning of the trip I did not get picked up because I was staying at a bed and breakfast and they said pick ups at B and Bs may not be available. When I returned to Rome I was staying in a hotel close to the Travel office where we met for the trip. The tour guide on the bus told a friend who was staying at a nearby hotel and I that they could not drive us to our hotel. My friend had a cane. We both paid for a drop off at a hotel local hotel. We did not understand where to go to find our hotel and were left wandering around with luggage looking for our hotel. The other people on the bus were taken to their hotels. Other then the drop off, it was a very nice trip.

Review by:   Vani,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Wonderfull experience !!!! Carranis tours was great .

Review by:   Cosmo29,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We thoroughly enjoyed out 3 Day Trip. It was everything we hoped it would be. We had just finished 7 days in Rome and ending our vacation on the coast was really amazing. The last day in Sorrento did not have anything planned, so we booked a private driver with another couple we met and felt this was excellent.

Review by:   elainehotchkiss,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Overall, tour was great.Guides for Pompeii and Capri were excellent, as was the hotel and meals in Sorrento (Imperial Hotel Tramontano).

Review by:   ROGER89118,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This tour was amazing!

Review by:   Stefan W,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
We were lucky to have two exceptional guides for this tour. The first whose name I forget took us through Pompeii and really brought the story of the city to life through his passion for the subject and his in-depth knowledge. The second guide, Sacha, was a logistics magician who ensured that we got to every attraction we had on the list despite the huge crowds jostling for transport at various locations. The highlights of the tour were the Blue Grotto and the chair lift to the top of Anacapri. The remainder of the tour was also well organised. Highly recommended.

Review by:   RITWIK R,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
A Must Do tour in Italy. Great learning experience in Pompeii, scenic view tour in Sorrento. The hotel provided us a room with a view of Mediterranean Sea and Mt. Vesuvius. Amazing experience at Capri, the only disappointment was that the Blue Grotto boat trip was canceled due to choppy waters. Knowledgeable and friendly guides. Highly recommend it.

Review by:   Jeffrey L,    October 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The good: Pickup at hotel was prompt and courteous. Guides were well informed. Fabiano at Pompeii was excellent and passionate about the site and what to see. Hotels were excellent and food was very good except first lunch, see below. Sascha in Capri was great and kept the tour moving and on time with two boat trips and trips from Capri to Anacapri. Lunch was excellent and enjoyed by all._br/_ The bad: First lunch was ok at best and took over 1.5 hours. Eventually made it to Pompeii by about 2 pm only to be told there would be a 15 min stop at a shell carving center. Guide did not return for almost 40 minutes which took time away from Pompeii guide compensated somewhat by extending time in the site from 5 pm to 5:20 but this put us behind and with traffic to Sorrento we did not arrive at hotels until after 8 pm. Overall though, the tour was great in that it hit the highlights and except for the shell carving, made the most of the time available.

Review by:   Asil N,    October 2016 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
It was a great trip, the places that we made, the actual places were amazing, however the room promised was not given there was no view at all, a balcony facing a WALL in Serrento. _br/_ There was a major delay at the start, 1 hour before we even took off from Rome because the people had sent the shuttle to the wrong hotel to pick up some customers. Then the bus broke down about 20 minutes in and we had to wait another hour and a half before they decided the bus could not be fixed and sent another one I mean shouldn't these things get checked before hand???, as a result we missed out on Mergellina AND Molo Beverllo to where the tour guide kept telling us how amazing it will be etc etc with sights of the gulf and Mt Vesuvius and amazing photographic opportunities..for a rookie photographer I was really disappointed. _br/_ We also did not make it to the blue grotto because weather did not permit. _br/_ Also the tour guides kept ignoring us, just talking to each other in Italian, not connected with the people. And worse a 70 something year old lady took us on the tour of Pompeii, no one knew what she was saying and she was walking so fast and very not into it, and a tour that should of taken I think 3 hours she did in 2 and just made us leave and wait outside till the bus came....SHOCKING. I mean this is a once in a life time trip for most of us!! That lady was really uninterested and did not care about us, like a robot, walks talks finish, absolutely disconnected form the group, very disappointing. _br/_ I was so greateful I got to see Capri and Sorrento, but if I'd known it would be like this I would of done it on my own, it would have been cheaper and I would have taken my time, but the service itself was a 3/5.

Review by:   Karmen L O,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This was an insanely complicated trip because there were folks doing day trip, 3, 5, and 7 day trips but they had it all sorted really well. The accommodations were top notch. The meals were pretty good. I would definitely do the trip again.

Review by:   Lilliana M,    October 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended

Review by:   CMCGAVIN,    October 2016 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
I was a bit concerned when the hotel pickup bus didn't have enough room for our suitcases. They had to call for another bus for the suitcases only 1 each and not oversize. Lots of to'ing and fro'ing at the tour base and the bus was 15 minutes late leaving. The Pompeii tour was good. Naples was memorable for the narrow winding roads and the excellence of the driver. I don't know why we did a tour through the grotty industrial port of Naples._br/_ In Sorrento, we wasted a lot of time because the people in the bus were spread over several hotels which seemed miles apart, so it took a long time to get to to our hotel._br/_ The ferry and tour of Capris was fine. It was unfortunate that it rained, and the Blue Grotto was closed._br/_ We were somewhat disappointed to discover that the third day was a 'day of leisure', as we had been lead to believe we we touring the Amalfi coast. We went into Sorrento and did some shopping._br/_ Overall, I would not use this tour company again, ever!

Review by:   Janet S,    September 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Highlight of our trip! Amazing tour with very professional guides and so well organized. Hotel was beautiful and food was top notch. We fell in love with Sorrento and looking forward to returning one day.

Review by:   Katherine W,    September 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Overall my husband and I were very impressed with this tour! We had a wonderful time, however there were a few things that we would have changed. On the first day, we didn't think it was worth the time invested to drive through Naples. We ran into a lot of traffic on the way in, and leaving Naples we had to drive through some rather dumpy areas. The only good part of Naples was the 5 minute photo stop we had, which wasn't as good of a view as we had in Sorrento anyway. Definitely not worth the time. Lunch was great, and our visit to Pompeii was very fun as well._br/_ The second day of the tour was unfortunately pretty rainy, so we weren't able to see the Blue Grotto or do the chairlift. The biggest disappointment of the day however was actually the lunch. Very average food maybe even below average, and not a nice restaurant/view/setting. Limited options for people with food allergies as well.

Review by:   Brad N,    September 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Overall, I felt like I got my moneys worth by booking this tour. Especially as a solo traveler with limited time.

Review by:   hudson7s,    September 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
this was perfect for us, really limited the fuss of travel to Sorrento. Pompeii tour was very good our guide was very good. sorrento and our superior hotel was very very nice location was great. I didnt like getting a food choice off of menu but the food happened to be excellent. the capri tour was very nice too,but we were loaded on boat to the grotto and then went out a short way and the driver turned around said the waters were not good to go. we were all dissapointed. especially that we didn't see that the waters looked bad, but then we aren't the coast guard! the other ride out was beautiful. I'm sure most tour groups don't go to grotto even if you weren't set up with this tour.

Review by:   anne.millard,    September 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Wonderful 3 days the tour guides were all great. Having to change buses at Pompeii each way wasn't very good especially as we were tired and hot and had to stand around waiting for ages. The 4 star hotel we stayed in was not really 4 star standard as it was old and badly needed updating but that didn't take away from what was otherwise a beautiful trip. The food at the hotel was also really poor.

Review by:   JULIE,    September 2016 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
This tour had the potential to be great! Sadly, this is NOT worth the money! Book this on your own!

Review by:   fprtz,    September 2016 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
The best guide we had was in Pompeii, Victor was very passion and informative._br/_ When we arrived in Sorrento, Our hotel was changed by the tour lady who in charged due to other guest request without informing us. We were protest about it to her but she was being rude to us. _br/_ Capri trip was good. _br/_ Over all experiences for these 3 days, was good except the hotel but more coordination in advance need to be improve.

Review by:   salu1203,    August 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Everything was great. On schedule.. Maurizio and I believe his name was Jose not sure but he was our guide at Pompeii it was great, very informative. Loved the trip from beginning to end.

Review by:   varun55,    August 2016 Review: 1 star rating: I do not recommend this
very disappointed overall._br/_ naples - not enough time spent in napels. lunch outside of naples was disgusting - need to look at options for lunch in napels_br/_ Pompeii - visit was good overall. bust transfer was fine but the tour guide on the bus to sorrento was very arrogant and abrupt!_br/_ Capri - best part of the trip, guide was great and food excellent_br/_ sorrento - the hotel was not a 4 star hotel, I travel extensively and I know what 4 star hotels are. AC did not work in room so had to change rooms every night to sleep in a room with AC. On the 3rd day - we arranged our own private tour down to amalfi and positano and had a great day - would have been good if our tour guide had offered options and been more proactive vs giving reasons why we could not go to amalfi!

Review by:   tygardner,    August 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This tour was great! Loved just showing up, hoping on to the buses and just enjoying everything southern Italy has to offer! All of the guides were extremely nice and knowledgeable! Hotel was good, clean and a nice view! _br/_ I would highly recommend using the free time on the third day to see more of the Amalfi Coast. We took the local bus very easy to Positano and loved it!

Review by:   Mark S,    August 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Guides spoke excellent English giving interesting and informative tour. Naples only from tour bus. Pompeii fascinating - site of ruins though, plaster casts of citizens are few, with bulk in museums. Pompeii guide, Wilma, engaging but microphone poorly-placed or receivers not always working, as we experienced difficulties hearing her. Bring sunscreen and water!

Review by:   Joe F,    August 2016 Review: 2 star rating: It was OK, but could have been better
too much time switching betw buses. I already wrote comments on this tour and the poor Viator service why am I asked again? no time for a rewrite.... bottom line, look to see who Viator books with in the foreign country and go direct. Viator was over priced and helpless for Ireland and not Rome. I'm done with them.

Review by:   Judth R,    August 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This short tour was everything I expected, most enjoyable and to be recommended, especially if you have just a few days to see Italy south of Rome. We enjoyed a wide range of awesome sights, from the ruins of Pompeii to the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline from Sorrento to Amalfi and a day trip to Capri. The tour guides were fabulous, knew their history, were ideal personalities to inform and entertain us and the accommodation excellent.

Review by:   thepisanos,    July 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
This trip was the highlight of our vacation! The beauty of the Amalfi Coast is incomparable and Capri is charming. If you have time, take the Chair Lift at AnaCapri for the best view of your life. Wouldn't say you actually spend any time in Naples as it is a quick stop to see the pier. Pompeii is amazing but take VERY comfortable shoes, a hat and bottles of water as there is virtually no shade nor places to purchase water once you are in the ruins. WELL worth every penny! Also, we upgraded to stay at Imperial Tramantano and the staff, hotel, food and overall experience were beyond expectations. We loved it there and dream of returning!

Review by:   WINNIE Y,    July 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
This tour was amazing!

Review by:   Roger V,    July 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Hotel and meals were great. I was disappointed that visit did not include the Amalfi coast which could have been included on the last day. Overall everything was well organised.

Review by:   Katie D,    July 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Nice tour, with a few problems. We were transferred between 5 buses to get to Sorrento. It was a little confusing, but overall they did a good job. It would have been much more comfortable/less confusing if we were on the same bus the entire day. Our bus broke down leaving Naples-heading to Pompeii, but they did an excellent job of getting a new bus to us to bring us to the next part of the trip. They had a bus to us within 1 hour. I do wish there was more time in Naples, its essentially a drive-by/stop for just a few pictures then back on the bus. I don't know if it's fair to say we spent time in Naples, as we originally were only going to be there for about 20 minutes. Our guide for Pompeii was fantastic! He was interested in the material and it showed in his presentation/tour. We saw some really interesting things there and I appreciated his insight and knowledge while walking around this ancient city. The hotel in Sorrento was gorgeous-they put us up at Hotel Vesuvio and it was great, fantastic view. The only bad thing is it is out of the way of downtown Sorrento. They have a shuttle to get you there and back, but it stops for a few hours in the middle of the day, so we had to walk up the hilly, windy roads that did not feel very safe considering how narrow they are. Capri was great, our tour guide was great. He was personable and funny and got us where we needed to be. I was not a fan of the transportation once we got to Capri, though. It seems we just used the public transportation, but since they are just small buses, you sometimes have to wait a while and jockey for a spot with the other tours in order to get where you want to be. It would have been easier/less time consuming to have private transportation. The food was good at the hotel, but the food on the drive in was awful. There were only 2 option meat/fish and both were bad. I'd rather a voucher and choose my meal/pay the difference. I would highly suggest they not use that restaurant any longer.

Review by:   Tara M,    July 2016 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
On paper this trip is perfect bcz it hits all the places you want to see. In reality there is a lot of transferring and so much depends on the guide. Our 1st guide Sylvie was nice. It's a 2-3 hr ride to Naples. Make a bathroom stop but 6 busses arrive at same time making the line crazy. The trip to Naples shld b elimiated. A long drive for a stop to view bay that you see on way to Sorrento. Next taken for lunch which was absolutely gross! I mean disgusting!! Our Pompeii guide was good -we were then taken to parking lot, given our luggage and sent to new bus/ guide. This guide Ornella? Was nasty! A passenger advised we were having trouble understanding Her bcz she was speaking unclearly and too fast over the bus sound system and guide snapped at the passenger a Brit that it was her own fault if she didn't understand English. When I asked a question she told me I need to read the info paper she gave us. When I told her she never gave me an info paper she told me to trust her that she gave it to me she didn't after a highly unprofessional 5 minutes of no you didn't yes I did she looked down on the paper she was holding and noticed it had our name on it BECAUSE SHE NEVER GAVE IT TO US! She mumbled apology and continued to be nasty to every passenger she was also unnecessarily boastful about hersel! Yuck! anyway hotel in Sorrento was lovely but I was disgusted to learn some ppl were given seaview rooms and others were not even tho we all paid for upgrade. My room faced parking lot. I will b complaining to viator about that! Anyway Sorrento guide Sasha was great and rest of tour was good. We avoided the 4 hour bus/ guide swap trip back to Pompeii and Rome and flew home from Naples airport which I recommend if this is the end of your trip.

Review by:   Carl J,    July 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Excellent... Great guides. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves

Review by:   alepeco,    July 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Very good. Only some delay in the first day due to some late guests . Everything else was perfect. The optional tour to Positano and Amalfi could already be included in the package.

Review by:   Brady K,    July 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
Opt for the 4 star hotel option in Sorrento, well worth the extra expenditure, it was an incredible property. Don't get frustrated with the buss changes and transfers, they have several groups w/ different itineraries on the same buss. That being said it could run a little more smoothly, i think some of the employees were a little overwhelmed. Capri is incredible and far and away the highlight of the trip. The lunch on the way to Pompeii after the drive through Naples was awful. Far and away the worst mean on our entire two week tour of Italy so grab a snack where you can.

Review by:   Stephen L,    July 2016 Review: 3 star rating: Worth doing
Do not take the superior accommodation. Operator takes the margin and the hotel allocates its worst rooms_br/_ Lesson learnt

Review by:   Amanda E,    July 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Incredible! 100 recommend this tour - every part of it was organised and structured. Swapping the bus after Pompeii was the only downside, but that took 10 mins and they organised it well. We loved Sorrento and Capri and would visit again if we could! Loved this.

Review by:   Jacqueline I,    July 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Was an amazing tour for my family of 5. Well run, great tour guides and EXCEPTIONAL hotel, which was the Tramontano in Sorrento. The restaurant was world class and the restaurant staff were absolutely the best there is. Capri was absolutely breathtaking and Sorrento was simply the quaintest town we've visited with lots of nice shopping. Naples was a rather quick stop. Pompeii was amazing to see and hear about on our two hour walking tour. A lot of history there. It's been very hot while we've been here, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

Review by:   Tammy W,    July 2016 Review: 4 star rating: Recommended
The cities were beautiful!! I loved Sorrento and wish I picked a tour that stayed more nights there. So much fun and beautiful coastline. Capri and the blue grotto were amazing too! The busses were cramped and old though. Lots of riding/driving.

Review by:   John L,    July 2016 Review: 5 star rating: Highly Recommended
Well informed guide access to areas away from crowds no lining up to get in

All Traveler Reviews...

USD $503.71
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